Thursday, August 22, 2013

Announcing MySQL Utilities release-1.3.4 GA

The MySQL Utilities Team is pleased to announce the latest GA release of
MySQL Utilities. This release marks a milestone of concentrated effort to
expand the use of utilities in more diverse installations through improved
robustness, error handling, and quality.

Many Improvements

There are number such enhancements in this release. In this post we will
highlight a few of the more significant improvements.
  • (new utility) MySQL .frm Reader (mysqlfrm) - read .frm files and generate CREATE statements with or without a server connection.
  • (revised) improved documentation including a section on example administrative tasks - see
  • MySQL Utilities is packaged for .msi, .rpl, .deb platforms and source .tar/.zip
  • You can run mysqlfailover as a daemon on POSIX systems
  • Improved accuracy redundant index checking algorithm for mysqlindexcheck
  • Improved accuracy for comparing databases with mysqldbcompare
  • The --exclude option for mysqldbcopy and mysqldbexport now accept database patterns
  • Improved quoting of database, table, index names in SQL generation
  • External script return code checking for mysqlfailover, mysqlrpladmin
  • Slave thread state included in verbosity output of mysqlrplshow
  • The mysqldbimport utility can now read raw CSV files with headers
...and that's just a few of the many improvements in this release. While many
of these improvements have been filtering into the 1.2.X release over the last
year, this release marks the first GA in that time frame.

How Can I Download MySQL Utilities?

You can download MySQL Utilities 1.3.4 from using one of the pre-built
installation repositories including a source download. MySQL Utilities is also
available on Lauchpad as a source download at


  1. Have you had an issue using the connector along with another ethernet client? The arduino mega calls a webpage and if it can not conenct then it uses the mysql connector to connect to a LAN database. It fails to connect to the DB. I know the code works because the arduino also runs a webserver and if I send a get request to it (("?offline") for sake of conversation) it connects fine and runs the query. I only experience this issue if I try the ethernet client first. I renamed the other ethernet client and also tried stopping that first to see if that helps, but it did not.

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