Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New! MySQL Connector/Arduino release-1.0.4 GA and Documentation

After several iterations and a long period of community evaluation, I am happy to report I've released the newest, stable release of the MySQL Connector/Arduino. This library is designed to allow you to connect your Arduino via an Ethernet or WiFi shield to a MySQL database server running on your network (or the Internet!).

New Documentation!

Best of all, I've written a reference manual that includes examples of how to use the connector in a variety of ways. Included in the document are advice on how to write your sketches, troubleshooting tips, and a long FAQ compiled from the many questions from my blogs.


The only code change in this release is to fix a defect when using the connector with the latest versions of MySQL.

Downloading the Connector

To download the connector library and the new reference manual, visit lp:mysql-arduino.

For More Information

As a reminder, there is a forum for Q&A which can be found here. I try to check and respond to forum entries weekly.

Happy Arduino!