Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Announcing MySQL Utilities release-1.6.1 Alpha!

The MySQL Utilities Team is pleased to announce a new alpha release of MySQL Utilities. This release includes a number of improvements for useabilty, stability, and a few enhancements. A complete list of all improvements can be found in our release notes.

New Enhancements!

This release represents a stable release of the product. Along with several defect patches, we also include the following enhancements.

Improved support for MySQL 5.7 early releases
Improved output for mysqldbcompare
Improved SSL support

New Utilities!

This release also has three new utilities for you to try out:

mysqlslavetrx - skip transactions on one or more slaves to solve errant transactions and consistency errors - docs
mysqlbinlogpurge - purge old binary logs - docs
mysqlbinlogrotate - rotate the binary logs - docs

How Can I Download MySQL Utilities?

You can download MySQL Utilities 1.6.1 Alpha from the following link using one of the pre-built installation repositories including a source download. Click on "Development Releases" to see the 1.6.1 release downloads.

Where is the Documentation?

You can find online documentation for MySQL Utilities version 1.6 at:


  1. Hi Chuck,
    I was wondering if there's a way to make an Arduino talk to an MS Access database? (It would fit with a project I'm already working on.)
    -- Markus

  2. No, sorry. The connect speaks only to MySQL. Have you considered switching? ;)

  3. Ok - just lost my comment because apparently I have to select what "comment as" profile I'm going to use... Short version, there are solid reasons for going with Access. But what would you recommend as an IDE for building the web interface?

    1. Hi. Sorry, I'm not a web developer. Most of my work in that area has been with straight HTML. :) Old school.

  4. HI.
    Thanks for "connector" its really helpful.
    I found some issue, and I am wondering is the problem on "sql" or "connector" site.

    I have created data base in mysql (on rasp pi2). Next, to my NodeMcu attached DHT11(with arduino IDE and Your connector).
    NodeMcu send Update querry to sql (temp and humidity) - about every 3 seconds.

    On Rasp Pi I also have WebServer with Php script where I can check results from sql database.

    I do have problem with time of connection.
    I have made counter, and some times NodeMcu can send 1532, some times 4226 Updates Querry , then crashes, sql works fine (php scripts still works)- only NODEMCU stops and its
    After reset NodeMcu send updates again.
    Where is the catch? Is it session problem or memory? It works longer when my php script is in progress too (I know that because in sql I have time stamp included).

    Marek Hawryluk

  5. PS.
    NodeMcu crashes on this line(hi print correct querry on Serial):