Thursday, April 3, 2014

New! MySQL Utilities release-1.4.2-RC

The MySQL Utilities Team is pleased to announce the latest release candidate (RC) release of MySQL Utilities. This release includes a number of improvements for useabilty, stability, and a few enhancements. A complete list of all improvements can be found in our release_notes.

New Utilities!

We have also included two new utilities.
  • The mysqlrplsync utility was added, which checks data consistency between servers in a replicated setup. 
  • The mysqlrplms utility was added, which provides round-robin multi-source replication (a slave server continually cycles through multiple masters in order to store a consolidated data set).

How Can I Download MySQL Utilities?

You can download MySQL Utilities 1.4.2 from the following link using one of the pre-built installation repositories including a source download. Click on the Development Releases tab.

Where is the Documentation?

You can find online documentation for MySQL Utilities version 1.4 at:


  1. This library performs procedures Mysql?

  2. I am not sure what you mean. MySQL Utilities is a collection of Python scripts for managing MySQL servers. There is a Python library that you can use to write your own Python scripts.

    If you require more details or have more questions on this nature, please post your question in latest blog post on Utilities.