Thursday, September 4, 2014

3D Printing Mastery Just Got a Little Easier

My new book on 3D printing has been published! I must say this work has been a real joy to write. It's the book I wish existed when I first started playing with 3D printers.

Like most people who started with building their own 3D printer from scratch, I struggled to learn the concepts and get a firm foundation for how the machines work and how to work with them. I was dismayed by the lack of documentation and help available from most vendors. Indeed, most tend to say things like "do a Google search" rather than answer your questions directly.

Fortunately, there is a lot of information out there about 3D printing, especially from the RepRap community. Unfortunately, the sheer volume can be overwhelming for most and in some cases the information is either not entirely correct or is too specific for a certain printer to be a solution you can use. Furthermore, it can take hours to sift through the data to find what you need and even more time to separate fact from fiction.

I've already been through that and spent years sifting through the data. I have condensed everything I've learned into a medium-sized book that I think you will find to be the missing link from opening the box and setting up your printer for the first time to printing quality prints with confidence.

I cover topics ranging from how to calibrate your printer to troubleshooting hardware, software, and even printing problems. While it won't make you a master of your 3D printer overnight, it will take you a lot further along in a short amount of time!

Check it out:


  1. Hi Chuck
    not sure if my message came through... heard about your book, tracked you down here, but didn't see a way to get in touch. I write about 3D and would like to chat further.

    1. Try: d r c h a r l e s b e l l at g m a i l dot c o m

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