Sunday, September 28, 2014

Announcing MySQL Utilities release-1.6.0-alpha

The MySQL Utilities Team is pleased to announce the alpha release of MySQL Utilities. This release represents a new evolution of the product including the following enhancements.
  • The mysqlprocgrep utility now displays the processes and connections killed during a --kill operation. The displayed rows come from the appropriate SHOW PROCESSLIST entries.
  • The mysqlbinlogmove utility was added. It relocates binary log files, and moves files based on their sequence number or modified date.
  • The mysqlgrants utility was added. It displays grants per object, and produces reports by user, user with grants, and GRANT statement.
  • Health reports can now be generated for a list of slaves without a master specified. In this case, "No master specified" appears for connection status for each slave, instead of an error.

How Can I Download MySQL Utilities?

You can download MySQL Utilities 1.6.0 Alpha from the following link using one of the pre-built installation repositories including a source download. Click on the Development Releases tab.

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